[Press Release] Lioner Expands Client Advisory Offering in Mainland China

Lioner International Group Ltd. (Lioner), a financial services pioneer, announced today the opening of its new Beijing office, enhancing its family office advisory offering in China as well as enabling greater synergy across the region through its offices in Hong Kong and Singapore, where it provides 3-in-1 insurance, trust, and family office advisory services for high-net-worth (HNW) clients. The opening of Lioner’s new Beijing office reinforces the company’s confidence in China's long-term economic growth and the country's prominent role in the global economy. In contrast to the Hong Kong and Singapore entities, Lioner’s Beijing office will not be operating as a broker in China. Its operations will solely focus on providing family office advisory services to their valued clients, an area currently in high demand in China.

[Insights Article] More work still required to strengthen the family office ecosystem in Hong Kong

Family office businesses are becoming an important component of the financial services industry in Hong Kong, not just because of the huge business potential offered to a wide range of professionals, but also because the growing number of family offices operating in Hong Kong showcases the city’s strengths as an international finance and wealth management hub.

[Insights Article] Embracing AI in Succession Planning

Founded in China in 2020, the Inno-Future Young Entrepreneurs’ Alliance is a youth leader community focused on embracing technology and continuous learning. The alliance gathers China’s youth leaders, including the next generations of high-net-worth families, young entrepreneurs, and leaders from technology start-ups, to promote science and technology research and explore opportunities in the technology industry.