[Press Release] Lioner Accelerates its Growth with Establishment of Singapore Business

Lioner International Group Ltd. , a financial services pioneer, today announces that it has made a strategic move in expanding its holistic servicing network to Singapore through the establishment of a new entity in Singapore, which aims to service high net-worth (HNW) clients in the region. The development is a tremendous milestone, fulfilling the Group’s objective to expand its footprint in Asia, following a hugely successful launch in Hong Kong less than a year ago. This move compliments what Lioner has always embraced that is to become one of the finest yet full-service brokers in Asia.

[Insights Article] Fairer Society Through Tax Policies

Since the introduction of common prosperity, it has emerged as one of the most important concepts guiding government policies in China in the last 6 months. While China has achieved rapid economic growth in the past decades, the development not only created vast wealth for Chinese people but also brought about inequality in the society.

[Insights Article] Allure of Cryptos Draws Clients & Wealth Planners As Appetite Grows

A couple of years on from the pandemic outbreak, the world has not only become far more digital, it has also opened the door to investing in digital assets, albeit just ajar in some markets, thereby attracting a new wave of Gen Z and millennial high net worth individuals (HNWIs).