(English) [Insights Article] Keep Calm and Carry On: Reflections on 2022 and Beyond

(English) As we near the end of 2022, most parts of the world have entered into a post-pandemic normal. This includes Hong Kong, which is gradually loosening COVID restrictions. At the same time, new threats emerged alongside persistent uncertainties, such as the war in Ukraine and other geopolitical tensions, soaring inflation, high interest rates and the rapid decline of equity prices worldwide.

[市场分析] Accelerate Growth in Asia

The Ukraine war, the pandemic, high inflation and tightening by the Federal Reserve in the US are creating tremendous uncertainties for the global economy and pose risks to the outlook. However, the uncertain economic environment is not going to stop Asia from growing its economy.

[新闻稿] Lioner新加坡公司正式成立 加速开拓国际业务

金融服务先驱 Lioner International Group Ltd. (「Lioner」) 今天宣布,其新加坡分公司Lioner International Consultancy Pte Limited. 最近获由新加坡金融管理局发出的财务顾问(Financial Adviser)牌照,有助集团拓展其独有的三合一保险、信托和家族办公室咨询服务解决方案,不仅能为区内高净值客户提供更全面的专业服务,更能与亚太地区发挥更大的协同效应。

Lioner 集团的合伙人陈东源将领导新加坡公司的业务发展工作,管理所有销售活动,以及加强与合作伙伴的关系。陈东源将是Lioner的主要业务推动者,为区内高净值客户提供个人化财富规划解决方案,同时制定亚太地区的长远扩展策略。
Lioner同时宣布任命朱家桦为新加坡公司的首席执行官,秉承集团过往佳绩,负责建立及拓展这个重要市场,并推进公司的业务增长策略。朱家桦资历深厚,于晨星(Morningstar)、美国国际集团(AIG)和标准普尔(Standard & Poor’s)等知名金融机构工作近 20 年。凭借其管理才能与经验,他将领导新加坡的业务,进一步推动集团的长远发展。